Integral Psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, couples and families


Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes, even the strongest people amongst us need a little bit of help to work through some of life’s more challenging problems. Everyone has battles to fight and hurdles to overcome at some point. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, or any other issue, you should know that there is hope for a better tomorrow.

The Road to Healing Begins Here

You might be initially hesitant to seek out help and support for personal matters, but when you do, you will feel confident that you are taking a courageous first step towards getting to a better place and being a better you.

I’m here to help you on your journey to find more meaning and purpose in your life. Take the first step to healing and contact me today.

About Ken Stamper

My therapeutic style is approachable, warm, curious, and, when necessary, challenging. My practice is based on core Gestalt Therapy values of inclusivity, appreciation of difference and curiosity. I’m also strongly influenced by The Enneagram, a system of personality typing that describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions that combines traditional wisdom with modern psychology. I also utilize aspects of evidence-based modalities such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and DBT (Dialectical Behavioral therapy) when appropriate.